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Charles Adès Fishman
Poet * Editor * Teacher
* Speaker

Among many other awards and honors, Charles has won the 2012 New Millenium Award for Poetry and the 2014 Aesthetica Creative Writing Award for Poetry. He is internationally recognized for his excellence as a poet, speaker, editor, and teacher and is currently seeking a new position as director of a distinguished speakers program, visiting professor of poetry and poetry writing, and/or faculty member of a low-residency MFA program.

Those interested in hiring Charles for one or more of these positions, or who would like to discuss similar opportunities for him to present poetry and to guide and empower other poets, should send a detailed message to carolus@optimum.net.

photo: Mark Haselkorn

In the Wake of the Glacier: New Selected Poems

Charles Adès Fishman's In the Wake of the Glacier: New Selected Poems brings together work from eight earlier books, including poems written as long ago as 1968 and as recently as 2017. This timely and far-reaching collection also includes 41 previously uncollected poems and 9 entirely new ones that underscore the poet's passionate love of nature, family, history, and justice. 

"It has been a very long time since I have loved poetry the way I love yours — Dylan Thomas, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Rilke, this is the class I find you in."

--Juliene Berk, March, 2018 


"Charles Fishman is an extraordinary convener of ideas. As a poet he inspires us with his inspirations and creative, courageous, interpretations of life events. As the founder and leader of a visionary distinguished speaker series he imaginatively brings together celebrated and uncommon thought-leaders, authors, keynotes, discussions, and roundtables offering fresh and memorable insights. In a world where disposable content is abundant, Charles has a talent for connecting with quality people, including powerful speakers, eager supporters, and enthusiastic audiences, while exposing us all to those compelling and magical moments where we are struck by the power of an idea that will ultimately serve us for a lifetime. In his own writings he’s able to cultivate and unleash substantive and captivating reflections. Charles Fishman not only understands the ingredients of great minds but is an example of what a life devoted to depth can bring."

— André Taylor (re: work with the Distinguished Speakers Program at Farmingdale), 1/26/13